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We’ve all seen the commercials.  The latest product, a revolutionary device to help you get in shape.  Don’t look away, because this is going to change your life.  Complete with before and after pictures of people who have allegedly used the product, then ending with “a few payments of ____, plus shipping and processing.”  That sounds very enticing and all, “But wait! There’s more!” with the bonus that you get an extra couple of a device that you might only have a use for one of.

TV ads for fitness products might make them look like a sham sometimes.  But are they ever worth it?  We’ll take a look at some products you might have seen while you were watching television, and decide whether there might actually be something useful to pick up for your home gym.  If they pan out, some of them might actually be very nice, especially if you live somewhere where you have limited space and do not have a place to put a large machine. In this article we’ll look at several examples of exercise equipment as seen on TV.

Air Climber

The Air Climber makes it possible to walk, without actually going outside.  This can be useful if you live somewhere like I do, where walking outside in the winter can be treacherous at worst and uncomfortable at best.  It might be somewhat useful, too.  One nice thing about it is that you can use it while watching TV, playing video games, or anything along those lines.  It will not replace a full workout, but it’s definitely not a bad option to supplement workouts or to just keep your activity up.

Chair Gym

The Chair Gym provides a variety of options for workouts for the full body, with the feature of being able to stay in a chair while you do them.  While this may not be as effective as working out while standing and moving around, it is not possible for everyone to stand while working out.  The chair gym could provide for a great option for senior citizens, people who are unable to stand for long periods of time, people with injuries or illnesses preventing them from working out as they normally would, or anyone else who is restricted from standing while working.

Maxi Vertical Climber

The Maxi Vertical Climber is a nice option that does not take up too much space, while simultaneously providing a good workout.  You climb while holding on to handles and stepping up and down, and it is sturdily constructed.  This is another nice option if you are constrained for space, as it provides a decent workout while having a small footprint.

Shake Weight

The shake weight is one of the most famous “as seen on tv” workout aids.  You shake a weighted device that looks kind of like a dumbbell, and you build tone in your arms.  The effectiveness of the shake weight has been doubted at times, but after use, it has been found to be a more difficult and challenging workout than expected.  While it is no replacement for some of the more demanding arm exercises you might do at a gym, it is not a bad option at all (especially considering the price, which as of now is around $10).

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is designed to provide a challenging ab workout.  You kneel on the ground, and then extend your arms while holding on to the Ab Carver.  The wheel on the device means that you have to exert greater strength to keep from falling on your face, and your abs will feel it as you continue repetitions.  What makes this different from normal ab wheels is that there is a string inside the device that forces you to work harder as you go deeper.  This is another good option that is not excessively pricey, but provides a nice workout in your own home.

Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro is constructed of a wheel with kneepads on it, and bars to hold on to.  It is designed so that you can rotate your legs to work on your core.  It is not a terrible concept, but unfortunately it is held back by shoddy construction.  The others in this list are well constructed, but this one has a tendency to fall apart according to reviews from those who have purchased it.

Northern Response TV Gym

The Northern Response TV Gym is designed for people with not a lot of space.  It goes on any chair that you might have, and it has resistance bands for different workouts.  Depending on how you sit or kneel on the chair, there are a variety of different exercises available to you.  It folds up for easier transportation.  This might be a good option for people going on extended trips, where you want something you can keep in your car and take into hotel rooms.

Instant Snap Cool Towel

After you have finished your workout, or during your workout to refresh yourself, the Instant Snap Cool Towel can cool you down.  When you get it wet with water, it cools by up to 20 degrees.  It is mold and mildew resistant, and comes with a container for storing it.  It works well and is not a gimmick, despite not being a commonly well-known type of product.


There are a number of available exercise products that you may see on TV.  They can sometimes look like a scam, or they can sometimes look like they might be nice.  It is hard to tell from a commercial, but some of them actually are useful.  They generally do not compete with a normal gym, but not everyone can use a normal gym.  These can provide a way to keep yourself active while not taking up too much space, and should not be ignored just because they were in a TV ad.  That being said, there are a number of “as seen on TV” products that are poorly constructed or not useful.  Do some research, and figure out what works for you and your situation.

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