Trends in the Newest Fitness Equipment

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With the world becoming more sensitive to the need for healthier lifestyles, the trends in the fitness industry keep growing exponentially. The changes are driven towards more effective body training and development of the newest fitness equipment that has an all-round impact. Trying something new to enhance your routines can have great impact in your life and transform the way you view the daily workout. You can break the monotony that steals the joy of physical activity by looking into new features for your ideal piece of equipment. If you do not have an established exercise program, you can explore the possibilities of healthy living without getting discouraged before you begin. Regardless of your motivation and interests, here are some trends you should watch out for this year.

Recumbent Spin Bikes

Stationary bicycles are not per se the newest fitness equipment, but there are some associated trends of interest. Generally, this type of equipment is associated with high energy physical activity that is associated with strain. However, the recumbent model is unlike the conventional upright model. The design has been created to accommodate anyone who will not be comfortable on the upright models due to health conditions and other limitations. Basically, the equipment is configured such that it allows the user to lean back in the bike seat while cycling. The cycling has the same effect but the back is supported more effectively, which protects the lower back from strain and therefore allows you to make your workout sessions longer.

There are various benefits associated with this model over the upright, besides comfort. The user of the recumbent bike is much safer due to the low and wide design. This means that your body mass will be well-supported reducing the risk of an accidental fall, and even if you did fall, the damage would be minimal because of the short distance to the ground. It is also easier to get on and off even if you are large in body size. In terms of health, the benefits go beyond reducing the stress on the back. It also limits the risk of chronic neck pain, and since you will not be hunched over, breathing is much easier than in alternative spin bikes. The legs are typically elevated such that they are almost at the same level as the heart. This is good for the circulatory system because the hydrostatic pressure is reduced, which allows the blood to flow more easily to the heart. The improvement in the physiological functions of the circulatory system limits the risk of heart strain and improves endurance.


Technological Features

Traditional equipment does not have the technological advantages that have appeared in the modern machines. Manufacturers have tried to incorporate some advances in the newest fitness equipment that will help you improve the way you handle your workout regime. The best part is that the improvements have been made to almost all brands and models in the market, so you are bound to find something that is in sync with your taste and preference. Most equipment allows you to set goals, log the daily activity, and track workouts through the machine and even by connecting to digital devices such as phones. The data presented by the equipment will typically include the length of time each period lasts, number of calories burned, and the rate of the heartbeat during the exercise. You can watch your own progress so that you can identify any adverse changes in your body.

Customization is also quite common with nearly all the equipment. This means that you can be able to predefine your workout routine and save it on the machine of your choice. This feature eliminates the inconvenience of having to keep pressing buttons to get exactly what you need. Most gyms have this option where there are general predefined custom programs for clients in various groups. There are also aggregated programs that include workout videos on the installed console for how to use various machines. The advances are constantly being made to make your life easier even when you are away. There are also new trends that create a network between smartphones and equipment so that you will be reminded to keep to the routine. It is a handy tool if you have a tendency to abandon your physical activity.

Interval Training on Treadmills

The mechanics behind treadmills have not changed extensively in the recent past. However, there are changes pertaining to how the machines are being used to attain the best results. Interval training is a trend that focuses on mixing different parameters such as speed, time period, incline, and recovery durations to present a diverse workout regime. The routine is typically directed in a gym class much like those observed for communal spinning. You can buy equipment that has the predefined features for this training instead of joining a gym. Alternately, there are resources that can be purchased that outline how to use your old machine to provide the same results. (For example, see the book PACE by Al Sears, M.D.)

If you are still skeptical about treadmill interval training as an ideal choice for your workout program, consider some of the associated advantages. It will improve cardiovascular health without the possibility of too much strain on the body systems. The routine is also perfect for elevating your health in an all-around way, including in reducing depression and mental strain. The risk of diseases that are linked with sedentary life will be lower with the effective body training using this equipment. In addition, it is a good alternative to taking walks outside, which can be limited by bad weather and unfavorable social interactions.

In Summary

Most of the trends identified in the newest fitness equipment are technical as opposed to completely new inventions in the industry. If you are looking for a unique machine for your workout sessions, your success will heavily depend on the manufacturer. Consider all your options with regard to possible choices before you make a purchase or subscribe to a gym. Compare the features of quality fitness equipment models, the cost, and the customer ratings for the manufacturer so as to determine which modern and trendy product is the perfect fit for you.

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