Staying Fit after 50 with Elliptical Exercise Machines

The more birthdays that we have, the more our bodies age. Because of this, it can become difficult to complete the necessary exercise in order to maintain a healthy body and an active lifestyle.

For those over 50, exercise can be a challenge. Many people after this age have developed sore joints and bad knees that prevent them from taking on many types of exercises. It becomes necessary to find an exercise that allows for a fantastic workout, but is easy on the areas that are in the worst shape. This is where elliptical exercise machines enter the picture.

One of the best things about these types of machines is that they are a low impact machine that still offers amazing results. An elliptical exercise machine has been designed as a cross between a stair stepper and a ski machine.

These types of machines are different from any other cardiovascular equipment because you are able to combine the upper and lower body workout that is the most effective. Those who rely on these machines are able to work out several muscle groups at the same time, all without needing to change machines or increase the level that they are working out at.

When it comes to the design of elliptical exercise machines, there are two basic setups. One uses a flywheel construction. There are many quality machines that have been built with this construction pattern, but it is said that magnetic resistance helps to create a workout that is smoother and more consistent. For this reason, a machine that has been constructed with magnetic resistance as part of the design is recommended for those who are over 50.

When you are choosing your elliptical exercise machine, you will find that there are many different brands and models to choose from. Making the right choice can be overwhelming, but if you consider the following, you will be able to make the best decision for your household:

  • Cost – Consider what the price range is for the particular products that you are considering compared to that of other brands.
  • Construction – Make sure you know how the machine was constructed (flywheel or magnetic resistance).
  • Stride Width – If you are a taller person, you may require a larger width than a person who is shorter. It is important to choose the right width so that you will receive the best workout possible.
  • Return Policy – If you do make the wrong choice, you will need to know if you are allowed to return the machine.
  • Guarantee – Any piece of equipment is bound to have trouble performing from time to time. A guarantee may help replace pieces or make repairs if something breaks.

For those over 50 who are looking for a fantastic workout, elliptical exercise machines are a great option. You will be able to enjoy a strong workout that will also be gentle on sore joints and muscles. Plus, you will be able to limit the amount of time you spend working out because you will be able to complete your entire workout with one machine. I love my elliptical exercise machine and get quite a lot of use out of it. Whenever the weather is bad outside and I’m unable to go for a hike or run, my elliptical is there waiting for me, all set to go. I greatly appreciate the low-impact nature of the workout it provides.

One of the more popular elliptical trainers on Amazon is the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02, available for about $799 with free shipping (and available with Prime shipping). Of the 51 reviews posted at this time, 32 are at the 5-star level. Users note that it is quiet, smooth, solid, and easy to assemble. (The tools are provided, and assembly generally takes between 1-2.5 hours.)

Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer

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