Spiritual Meditations

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Spiritual Meditations

Spiritual meditations are of a religious nature, no matter which faith one might have. They can range from prayer within organized religion to more esoteric practices that are highly individualized. Practitioners of spiritual meditations are seeking to draw closer to the Creator.

Spiritual meditations allow one to connect with the inner-self and to discover inner peace and wisdom. Therefore, the setting for a meditation session in this context is very important. In order to assure a good mindset and level of spirituality, it is very important to sit and relax in an environment free from distractions that is conducive to exploring the inner-self.

If you want to achieve the best results for spiritual meditation, it is very helpful to follow established best practices, some of which are outlined below.

Proper Posture for Spiritual Meditation

According to experts, meditation requires an individual to choose a comfortable and optimal position before starting to meditate. Not only will this ensure proper focus, but it will keep you safe during deep meditation. During deep meditation you may not be as aware of your environment, and it has certainly happened that people have fallen asleep during deep meditation; obviously in these situations the setting needs to be away from dangerous objects and risks. Keeping a straight back with your head balanced efficiently and comfortably will help you maintain the proper balance between focus and relaxation.

When it comes to spiritual meditation, it is vital to allow the energy to effectively flow within your system. Keep in mind that the energy must follow a particular path, so employing good posture will bring about the benefit of increased energy flow throughout the body.

Proper Breathing for Spiritual Meditation

There is also another factor to keep in mind when it comes to spiritual meditation, namely proper breathing. In fact, in all forms of meditation, proper breathing is required in order to acquire the best results. First, breathing through the nose is one of the most effective principles for attaining optimal breathing. This, along with belly breathing (diaphramatic breathing), will help to bring about a relaxed mind and body connection.

Proper Attitude for Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditations ideally should not be rushed. A sense of calm will enhance the level of concentration. Be open to receiving spiritual insights, and evaluate whether these thoughts fit within a positive outcome of your follow-up actions.

Other Components

As with many things in life, making spiritual meditation a habit will allow for greater progress. A daily routine, even if for only 5 or 10 minutes, will bring about great achievement.

Having a mantra—whether that be a scripture, name of God, or other pertinent phrase—can help one to maintain focus. The words can be said out load or just imagined. Another technique to aid in focus is to visualize a particular image, or to have a photo or object to gaze upon.

Many have found that Tibetan singing bowls provide an atmosphere conducive to deep spiritual meditation. These bowls can be struck with a mallet or stick, but they are especially famous for the continuous sound that is produced by rubbing a stick in circles along the outside rim of the bowl. An example by Jack Haas can be seen here:

Finally, spiritual meditation can be one of your most effective practices for experiencing a good life that is full of positivity. If your aim is to explore your inner-self and draw closer to God/Creator, spiritual meditation offers one of the best means for getting there.

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