Psoriasis Arthritis Symptoms

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Psoriasis arthritis symptoms

What are the symptoms of Psoriasis Arthritis? If you are questioning whether you could have this condition, it is very important to understand the real definition of psoriasis arthritis along with the symptoms and treatments.

Both psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis are types of chronic conditions that can get worse over time. There may be some periods wherein the symptoms of psoriasis improve or the condition even leads to remission, however.

This condition usually affects the joints in one or other sides of the body. The symptoms of psoriasis arthritis are similar to rheumatoid arthritis as well. Both of these diseases can cause the joints to swell, thus causing a person to experience pain.

Symptoms of Psoriasis Arthritis

  • Inflammation of Fingers and Toes – One of the common symptoms of psoriasis is inflammation of fingers and toes. This can be a very painful symptom that can hinder your movement. The individual may also develop deformities and swelling in their hands or feet before experiencing significant symptoms in the joints.
  • Foot Pain – Foot pain is also one of the symptoms common to this condition. This can cause pain in certain points wherein the ligaments and tendons are affected. This can be common especially at the back portion of the heel (Achilles tendinitis) and the foot (plantar fasciitis).
  • Lower Back Pain – Lower back pain is another common sign of this condition. This is called spondylitis due to psoriatic arthritis. The spondylitis primarily causes the joints to be inflamed between vertebrae of the spine as well as the joints between the pelvis and spine.

If you are experiencing the above mentioned psoriasis arthritis symptoms, it is very imperative to get diagnosed right away. Diagnosis for psoriasis arthritis is ideal in order to determine if you are indeed suffering from this condition. Visit a doctor right away if you develop some of the above-discussed symptoms. If you have this condition, it is very important to tell your physician especially about the joint pain. The condition can develop slowly or suddenly but in most cases it can damage the joints extensively if not treated right away.

Medication for Psoriasis Arthritis

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure available for this condition in Western medicine. Treatment basically focuses on controlling the symptoms in order to get rid of the pain, in order to be able to participate in everyday activities. The physician can recommend several medications to treat the symptoms. These are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), immunosuppressant, and TNF-alpha inhibitors. The patient should be aware that medications can have side effects. That is why it is important to select the right medication for such a condition. Surgery and some procedures can be used also to treat the condition, such as joint replacement surgery and steroid injections.

More research is still needed regarding natural treatments. Fish oil and turmeric may be helpful due to their anti-inflammatory properties, and acupuncture may help to reduce pain.

Psoriasis arthritis is not an easy condition to deal with, and it can be very painful for people who cannot acquire the right treatment; therefore, the recognition of psoriasis arthritis symptoms plays a great role in getting to know the best treatment and getting an early start in treatment.

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