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Meditation is one of the most effective methods for someone who is looking to relax the mind and bring about inner peace. While most people assume that you must be sitting to engage in meditation, it is actually possible to have a walking meditation exercise as well, and in fact that is one of my favorite modes for meditating.

When you are looking for a walking meditation method to follow, you will find that there are many different styles to choose from. However, with this particular method described below you will find that it is a simple system that is relaxing, informal, and easy to follow.

Planning Your Time

When you are planning your walking meditation, it is best to set aside a minimum of 20 minutes every day. You should also avoid pairing this walking process with other errands that you may need to run. You should also not attempt to change this into an exercise adventure where you plan to walk briskly. The important point of this exercise program is to have the ability to completely focus on the meditation process.

Where to Walk

It is good to walk in a safe and quiet place where you can avoid many external distractions. A beautiful and peaceful setting will enhance your experience, and access to fresh air will improve the health aspects of this practice.

Starting Out

When you first start your walk, it is best to begin outside where you should stand still for some time. Begin allowing your mind to focus on your body by taking some deep breaths. Make sure that you put a lot of focus on the act of breathing. After a while, you should begin to allow your breathing to return to normal and focus on your body instead. Note how it feels as you are standing and pay close attention to the sensations that you are experiencing in your body.


Now, you will begin walking at a slow but normal pace. You should continue to focus on the sensations that you are feeling in your body while you are walking. You will find that your attention will easily be drawn to the things around you as you walk, and when this happens, you should refocus your attention inward.

You should place your focus on how you physically feel as you are walking. When you find your mind drifting from this concentration, you should gently bring your mind back to where it needs to be.

Take notice of the different parts of your body by scanning them with your mind. When you find an area that is a bit tense, let that tension go and encourage your muscles to be loose and relaxed. As you continue doing this with the different portions of your body, you will find that you are enjoying the walk much more than you ever did before.


Meditation walking takes some time to master and you should never rush the process. The most important thing to remember is that you should focus your attention on the sensations that you are feeling while you are walking.

While you are walking make sure that you continue to move your awareness from one body part to another. By doing this, you will be able to gently draw your mind back to the important process at hand whenever it starts to drift away.

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