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There are a number of exercise machines available for home gyms today. If you have the space and money, you can practically have a full gym in your own home. Most people do not have every single type of machine in their home gym, but there is enough variety that you can have machines for whatever type of workout you are trying to do. What are some of the types of exercise machines that are available for your home gyms? This article will talk about this, and offer some advice on making decisions about home exercise machines.


Probably the most popular and famous type of home exercise machine, treadmills are an important part of both home gyms and public gyms. One of the best options for cardio, treadmills can also be used for light workouts as you can control the speed of the tread. There are cheaper and more expensive treadmills available, with a variety of features. Treadmills are a very good option for home exercise, although they tend to take up quite a bit of space. More advanced treadmills have options for level of incline, which can really add a kick to your workout.

Elliptical Machines

Ellipticals are used for a similar purpose as treadmills, although their operation and the nature of the exercise you get from them is different. Ellipticals have platforms that you stand on and move in an elliptical motion. Ellipticals combine movements from stairclimbers and from running, and provide a good workout that is both low impact (as you do not lift your feet from the platforms while you use them) and capable of providing a strenuous and tough workout if you set the resistance high enough. Similarly to treadmills, ellipticals take up quite a bit of space.

Climbing Machines

Climbing machines are machines that, similarly to ellipticals, have platforms you stand on while you step up and down. This provides a good low impact cardio workout. However, the range of motion that is used is not quite as big as with ellipticals, meaning that it may not be as full of a workout. Despite this, it may be a less strenuous workout than using an elliptical, as the motion is easier to get going than ellipticals.

Fitness Bikes

Fitness bikes are stationary cycles that come in a few different orientations. One of the most popular involves a seated position much like riding a traditional bicycle, with your feet below the seat and your hands in front. The other most popular type has the user sit in a normal seat, with the pedals in front and the hands held near the side. Fitness bikes are an excellent source of cardio activity, although as with the prior machines, this exclusively targets the legs. Fitness bikes often do not take up quite as much space as ellipticals or treadmills, but they may still take up more space than you have available.

Weight Machines

Weight machines are a very versatile and popular type of workout machine. Weight machines do not generally use computers like the aforementioned types of machines. The way that weight machines operate is typically through pulleys. Attachments attach to clips, which go through a pulley system, before connecting to weights that you can generally vary by clipping on additional weight or moving a pin to a different location. The advantage of weight machines is that you can target any area of the body you like. Additionally, whereas most of the other exercise in this article involves cardio, weight machines provide strength exercise. You can do arm, chest, core, leg, or back exercises by varying the type of exercise you do and where you clip the attachments. Weight machines do not tend to take up as much horizontal space as treadmills or ellipticals, but they generally take up a significant amount of vertical space.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are another type of cardio exercise. Differently from treadmills, stepping machines, ellipticals, or fitness bikes, however, rowing machines provide upper body cardio as well. The motion used in rowing machines involves the lower body pressing against a weight, while the arms pull and push.

Weight Sets

You can also buy sets of weights, for use in lifting. This can get expensive, just as with the rest of these mentioned, but some people may prefer using normal weights as opposed to a weight machine. You can get a variety of different weights, from small dumbbells to large weights as are used in weightlifting competition, with a variety of different accessories that allow you to lie back or sit while exercising.


There are a lot of different types of home exercise machines available today. What you want to get just depends on your individual needs, space, and budget. If you are looking for cardio, look at ellipticals, treadmills, stepping machines, fitness bikes, or rowing machines. If you are looking for strength exercises to build muscle, look at weight machines or weight sets. The most important thing is to do your research and compare the different available options. Good luck with building your home gym!

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