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The Ideal Free Exercise Programs for People over the Age of 50

Weight gain has always been a problem for the majority of individuals, even those of us aged above 50. You always have the need to replenish your body after a couple of hours of hard work, but in order to prevent unwanted weight gain you always have to keep in mind what you ingest. This sounds easy, but it is quite a tedious task. Most people prefer exercise that goes hand in hand with dieting. However, with an exercise plan you do not have to watch what you eat as much as with a diet-only plan. Exercise helps you burn calories faster than just dieting alone. Finding the ideal fitness program is the careful task, since it depends on a lot of factors. It depends on your weight level, age, and the amount of time that you can set aside to work out. The other problem is procrastination–if your conscience tells you that you are gaining too much weight, do something about it. Most people ignore their inner voice until it is too late. Did you make New Year’s resolutions to work out, and if so, how are they holding up? At this later time in life (after the age of 50), many people find themselves with certain health problems that they would have avoided if they had taken the time to work out. This is an important reason why everyone needs to take up a fitness program. Is money holding you back? If so, the good news is that there are many high-quality free fitness programs available today.

Where to Look for Free Exercise Programs?

A good fitness program may be expensive, but due to the increase in demand for these services, nowadays you can find a lot of free fitness programs. The continuous development of the web has brought about an increase in the amount of information being exchanged on the internet. Free fitness websites have been introduced with free personal training to clients through television and the web. There are websites that provide their clients with exercise programs that guide and support them to reach their desired weight and fitness level. These websites are meant specifically for fitness and weight loss, and they target individuals who need these services. Some of the best websites include: http://freetrainers.com, http://fitnessblender.com, and http://fletcherfitness.com. However, physical trainers may post exercise videos and instructions in video sharing websites such as YouTube, where anyone in need of fitness and weight loss training can access the exercise videos and instructions and follow them in order to improve themselves. There are also free exercise programs for older individuals to keep them fit, healthy, and energetic. These programs can be found in websites such as: http://eldergym.com, http://silversneakers.com, and http://seniorexercisesonline.com.

Merits of Free Exercise Programs

1. Affordability

2. Weight gain control

Exercise helps to maintain weight loss and prevent any unwanted gain. This is because exercise burns calories of course, and if you burn more calories than you ingest you will not gain any weight. Therefore anyone in an exercise program can control weight to a level he or she is comfortable with.

3. Avoid or control certain health conditions

Health conditions such as high blood pressure and heart diseases are quite dangerous. They require medical attention, while at the same time exercise will likely be prescribed by the doctor. This is because such diseases are mostly caused by unhealthy habits that could have easily been avoided by exercise. Exercise boosts high density lipoprotein (HDL) and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This keeps the blood flowing smoothly and also prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Energy boost

Regular exercise builds muscle mass, therefore boosting an individual’s strength and energy. Exercise also ensures better flow of oxygen and nutrients to your organs, therefore helping them to work more efficiently. This reduces the rate of fatigue.

5. Better sleep

Exercise helps individuals who have trouble sleeping attain deeper and quicker sleep.

6. Better sex life

Exercise improves the physical appearance of an individual and of their partner. Together with the improvement in fitness and energy of both partners, sex becomes more appealing and enjoyable.

What to Look for in a Free Exercise Program

When searching for an exercise program best suited for you, one should consider several factors before choosing an exercise program. One should look out for factors such as:

· Time

This is a very important factor in choosing an exercise program. Some individuals may want a quick and intensive exercise program while others may prefer a less intensive and slow exercise program. Quick and intensive programs involve hard exercises for periods of time in a day that require a short period of time to achieve the desired results. The less intensive exercise that requires longer periods of time to achieve the desired results may have easier exercises to perform.

· Body Parts the Program Works on Most

Some exercise programs may only target improvement in some specific body parts alone. This may become frustrating to an individual trying to improve different body parts. Therefore, before trying out a new exercise program, one should consider the body parts he or she needs to work on. Whole-body exercises that target multiple areas of the body are generally to be preferred.

· Intensity of the Exercise Program

Individuals with certain health conditions should always take into consideration the exercise program they are taking on. Particular health conditions such as heart conditions require exercise, but not intensive and strenuous exercises to the degree that they would have risks of complications such as heart attacks. Such individuals should seek simple and effective exercises such as jogging, while individuals with health conditions that are not affected by exercise or those looking for great results at a fast rate should take on more intensive exercise programs. All of these decisions should be made under the care of a personal physician, of course.

· The Desired Results

When choosing an exercise program, one should be very particular, in order to achieve the actual desired results. Some exercise programs may be intended on making the subject lean and fit, while other fitness programs may be focused on increasing the body and muscle mass of the individual.

It is quite evident that exercise is the best method to achieve fitness and health. Dieting might also be a part of the solution, but it cannot be as effective by itself as doing exercise. Free exercise programs are readily available all over the internet and also on television; all one has to do is press some buttons in order to get the motivation and instructions you need. There is no excuse for gaining unwanted weight nowadays–all you have to do is to switch on the television or go online and choose an exercise program of your choice.

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