Exercise Machines for Abs

When it comes to ab workouts, you can do a variety of workouts. Some ab exercises are bodyweight exercises, which are great, but if you want to really work your abs you may be able to supplement well through the use of machines. Many of the machines you use for ab exercise revolve around similar principles. Often, the machines use a pulley system with variable weights. These are called home gym systems, or weight machines, or sometimes other names (or, just called a specific brand name), and they can be some of the most versatile types of exercise machines to own. There are other machines you can use, though. This article will discuss some of the options.

Weight Machines/Home Gym Systems

Weight machines are a specific way of using weights. There are a lot of different varieties and types of weight machines, but they tend to be variations on a similar theme. Most weight machines involve a clip, which you can attach various extensions to, that connects to a pulley system. This pulley system in turn connects to weights, which you can usually vary by moving a pin to a different level of weights or by clipping on to different weights. The nice thing about weight machines is that you can get all kinds of exercises from one machine. You can work most parts of your body with weight machines, just by attaching different extensions. With ab exercise, specifically, you can usually do a bunch of different types of ab exercises by moving where you clip the attachments to. The other nice thing about weight machines is that you can vary the level of weight you use easily. If you find one type of ab exercise difficult and another easy, you can very quickly change the weight level to compensate. When it comes to machines for ab exercise, it is really pretty hard to beat weight machines (or home gym systems, if you would prefer to call them that) in terms of versatility, effectiveness, and usefulness outside of ab exercises.

At 1:15 in the following video you can see a weighted crunch demonstrated with a weight machine:

Weight Sets

Weight sets are one of the most basic types of machine you can have, and they are very self-explanatory. Weight sets are, literally, sets of dumbbells or weights and bars, for lifting. The advantage of weight sets is in their simplicity, but the disadvantage compared to weight machines arises from the same factor.

A complete workout that makes use of dumbbells can be seen in this video:


Weight machines and weight sets offer two fairly basic forms of ab exercise machines. Weight sets are very simple, and you can do a bunch of exercises with them for your abs. But, if you have the space and budget to buy a nice weight machine (or simply access to one at a local gym), that will oftentimes be more useful. The fact that you can exercise almost any part of your body, and that just with ab exercise you can do so many different types of ab exercises, at so many weight levels, makes weight machines very nice to have. Whether you go with either of these two options, or seek out another type of machine, is up to your personal preference, though. And all of this information is not to discount the value of bodyweight exercises, which have their own advantages (as discussed elsewhere in this blog).

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