Dumbbell Exercises for Men

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(Sorry, ladies, this particular post is more geared towards men, although you may find information that is relevant as well. In general, the exercises listed below target areas of the body that men like to develop.) Ever walk into a gym at prime time and feel so overwhelmed by the lack of equipment available and the vast sea of other gym-goers? I have a solution for you. When it comes to resistance training, there are several options out there for getting in a good workout. You can work out using machines, free weights, or body weight. While it’s a good idea to mix up all three to add variety and avoid hitting plateaus, dumbbells are oftentimes the most convenient choice, especially for those of you working out from a home gym. If you’re looking to get in a good workout using a pair of dumbbells, there are many different exercises you can perform to do so. Let’s look at both an upper and lower body split of exercises you can do, using just dumbbells, to get in a good workout.

Lower Body:
Lunges- Walking, Jumping, Reverse, Etc. (glutes, quads)
Squats (quads)
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts (hamstrings)
Single Leg Deadlifts (hamstrings)

Upper Body:
Military Presses (shoulders)
Side/Lat Raises (shoulders)
Front Raises (shoulders)
Single Arm Tri Extensions (triceps)
Double Arm Tri Extensions (triceps)
Skullcrushers (triceps)
Hammer Curls (biceps)
Single Arm Curls (biceps)
Conventional Curls (biceps)
Bent Over Rows (back)
1-arm Rows (back)
Pushups with 1 arm row (back/chest)
Lying Dumbbell Presses (chest)
1-arm Lying Dumbbell Press (chest)
Weighted Sit Ups (abs)
Weighted Crunches (abs)
Russian Twists (abs)

If you have access to a bench (flat or adjustable), you can add even more dumbbell lifts into your workout, such as:

Lower Body:
Step-ups (quads)
Box Jumps (glutes, quads)
Bulgarian Split Squats (glutes, quads)
Glute Bridges (glutes)

Upper Body:
Belly-Down Lat Raises (shoulders)
Arnold Presses (shoulders)
Weighted Bench Dips (triceps)
Concentration Curls (biceps)
Belly-Down Rows (back)
Decline Dumbbell Press (chest)
Pec Flies (chest)
Weighted Low Leg Raises (abs)

If you’re not sure what a particular exercise is, it’s easy to find good video examples on YouTube. For example, Benjamin Brown gives an excellent how-to video on step-ups with dumbbells in the following video:

Getting in a good workout doesn’t mean you have to have access to a top-notch fitness facility or even leave your own home. If you have access to dumbbells that are of a reasonable weight for you, and that provide you with a challenging resistance, you can still reach your fitness-related goals. There are adjustable dumbbells that you can buy, also, that may be convenient for you, as they allow you to change the weight very quickly to adjust as needed as you change exercises. As long as you can stick to your workouts regularly and be consistent, you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals in no time.

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