Clove Bud Essential Oil: 7 Fascinating Health Benefits to Start Reaping Today

clove bud essential oilThe scent of clove bud essential oil – also known as syzygium aromaticum – should be immediately familiar given its inviting, wintry connotations.

In order to make clove essential oil, steam distillation is used on the plant stem and flower bud, the result of which is a strong oil that’s rich with eugenol.

This in turn leads way to a very useful essential oil that has a number of applications in various realms of personal care.

Cloves have long been used in various dental procedures, as well as candy and gum since it has both a pleasant flavor and the ability to clean the mouth.

The benefits only mount on from there. The primary chemical component (eugenol) makes the oil highly stimulating, making it perfect for topical application in the likes of massage products.

Alongside potent antioxidant properties and numerable health benefits, here are the top reasons to use clove bud essential oil:

1. Inflammation and Swelling Reduction

Clove oil is able to cool you down when it’s applied to the forehead alongside a little salt, the result of which can soothe even the most dire of headaches.

This is due to powerful anti-inflammatory agents known as flavonoids. This helps any topical application relieve tension and even problems such as inflammation.

This also makes clove oil a fantastic pain reliever across all areas of the body, including sore muscles and achy joints that often go ignored until they become larger problems.

Inflammation is naturally caused by the body’s attempt to build up an immunity to problems beneath the surface.

In theory, it’s meant to help the body heal after major injuries and prevent new bacteria or viruses from harming the system. Wounds can fester and lead to widespread problems and even tissue damage otherwise.

That said, inflammation commonly gets off track and becomes a big problem in its own right; luckily, topical treatments like clove essential oil exist to combat this possibility.

2. It Increases Circulation of The Blood

Clove oil heightens your metabolism by boosting your blood circulation while simultaneously dropping the body’s temperature.

As the blood circulation rises, the amount of tension in the blood vessels generally decreases. This fights off a known contributor to problems like tension headaches.

The higher circulation also increases the oxygen level within your organs and blood, two factors that tie back into your metabolism and overall bodily function.

Diabetes and all of its most dire side effects can also be helped or even prevented by clove bud oil given the improved blood flow. The active eugenol within can be thanked for its vital role in this amazing benefit.

Just consider that diabetes is now the leading contributor to more deaths than breast cancer and AIDS alike, with related casualties coming in roughly every few minutes.

It leads to issues such as kidney failure, heart failure, amputations, blindness, and stroke, so anyone that’s been diagnosed should be sure to include clove oil in their daily routine.

3. Promotion of Oral Health

As mentioned above, cloves are highly common throughout dental care practices.

There are highly proficient germicidal properties within the oil in particular, the result of which can reduce gum pain, toothaches, and ulcers alike.

Again, eugenol also plays a strong part here; it’s been a major part of dentistry for many years now.

Merely gargling with a bit of clove oil can help cure irritation and pain in your throat. The smell also immediately wards off any lingering halitosis (or bad breath).

Cloves can also protect your enamel and fight against or prevent cavities.

4. Immune System Enhancement

Cloves and clove oil are natural immune system boosters. The numerous antiviral properties can even go as far as purifying your blood.

This will help you develop a greater resistance to diseases and even rid yourself of harmful free radicals that commonly lead to cancer.

Our immune systems are made up of a complex system of organs, tissues, and cells, all of which need to work together harmoniously in order to protect the body against anything harmful.

Obvious examples include fungi, parasites, and bacteria, all of which are known factors in infections and diseases. Viruses can also lead to infections, but they are a bit more primitive than the organisms above.

Many microbes can easily flourish within the human body without proper protection. A healthy immune system will make that incredibly difficult however, so the benefits here are as blatant as can be.

5. Respiratory Treatment

Clove oil’s cooling effects and anti-inflammatory properties can easily help clear your nasal passage.

This can improve respiratory problems like colds, coughs, asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchitis quite successfully. Chewing clove buds has long been a cure to sore throats, so this should come as no surprise.

Tuberculosis is a particularly troublesome bacterial disease since it takes on the lungs, and it is transferred rather easily through the likes of coughing, sneezing, or other germ exchanges.

Weak immune systems, malnutrition, and even genetic issues or autoimmune disorders can increase your likelihood of coming down with tuberculosis.

If you want to make sure to prevent issues of this nature, clove bud essential oil will help out greatly.

6. The Prevention Of Infections

Given the antiseptic properties of clove oil, it is very useful for treating problems such as fungal infections, general wounds, cuts, bruises, and even athlete’s foot.

It is also helpful for battling stings and insect bites. It is quite powerful however, so it needs to be used in a diluted form. (That is doubly true if you have naturally sensitive skin.)

Bruises account for skin discoloration, and they come from physical injuries often associated with accidents.

This can lead to adjacent blood vessel ruptures that might break and then leak their contents to the skin tissue of the surrounding area.

It can then lead to redness, swelling, and severe pain throughout the entire region. Clove oil can expedite the healing process quite impressively.

7. Stress Reduction And Relaxation

Clove oil is a natural aphrodisiac, meaning it also works to reduce stress.

It can stimulate the mind and remove any feelings of fatigue or exhaustion. When used in the correct doses, the oil can improve your brain function and even make you feel refreshed.

Clove oil can also help you get to sleep or improve your insomnia. It can even fight against the neural factors that lead to issues such as anxiety, memory loss, and depression.

Anxiety effects people differently from one individual to the next, but everyone may experience it at one point or another. Even the most powerful physiological mental states benefit greatly from the use of clove oil.

Clove Bud Essential Oil: Final Safety Tips

Clove bud essential oil is fairly safe, but be sure to keep it out of reach from children. Also be sure to consult with a physician before using if you are nursing, pregnant, or currently under serious physical care.

Keep it away from the most sensitive areas of your body, i.e. the eyes and inside the ears. Otherwise, the fulls scope of the amazing health benefits listed above will be yours to enjoy. 🙂

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