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For some people, working out at a gym is just on your list of favorite things to do. Being in the privacy of your own home is sometimes the best place to get a workout in. While you’ll be saving money buy not paying for a monthly gym membership, you’ll also have to invest in some sound workout equipment to make sure you can get in a solid workout from the comfort of your own four walls. While pricy at first, investing in your own gym equipment means you won’t have to share it with others and can ensure it stays properly cared for and well-kept. When you figure all the money you save in gas and monthly membership fees when joining a gym, you can better justify investing in some great at-home workout equipment.

When it comes to cardio, no matter the type of climate you live in, there are always tons of ways to get a cardio workout in outdoors. You can go for a walk, a run, or buy a bike and take a bike ride. These cardio modalities are much more feasible to engage in. One cardio workout, however, that isn’t as readily accessible is a stair workout. You may be familiar with a machine that consists of rotating steps. This piece of equipment is often referred to as a stairmill, stepmill, stairmaster, etc. It provides a continual stair climbing that really kicks your workout into high gear. If you’re going to drop a chunk of money to invest in a piece of at home cardio equipment, the stairmill is it.

Stairmills are sold by various companies, with one of the most widely seen in gyms manufactured by Star Trac- The StairMill (see more information at the bottom of this post). Whether you choose to go with a popular brand/make or for one a little less in the consumer eye, you can’t go wrong. Stairmills provide you with a core strengthening workout, and they really work the lower body. Your functional mobility will improve as well, as climbing stairs is a movement that happens in everyday life. As you become comfortable with using the stairmill, you can increase the speed, let go of the handrails, etc., to add some variety into your workout.

While the sticker shock of investing in a piece of cardio equipment for home may seem terrifying at first, it’s important to think of all the benefits you can reap. The stairmill is one of the least used pieces of equipment at the gym and for good reason- it’s tough! Don’t waste money on a treadmill or stationary bike that give you workouts you can get yourself outdoors. Be a smart spender and make the most of your at-home workouts with your very own stairmill!

Top-of-the-line Stairmill
The Star Trak E-SM Stairmill is a top-of-the-line stairmill. Staying active has never been easier. The stairmill comes with 20 levels of easily adjustable resistance. To keep your workouts fresh and challenging, the stepper comes with 11 workout programs, including the Dynamic Heart Rate Control program which adjusts the workout intensity based on your heart rate for interval training and the Famous Steps program, which allows you to climb your favorite landmarks. The dashboard displays your workout information in a 16-character message window with both dedicated and scrolling displays. It comes pre-wired for the E Series entertainment system, which includes iPod integration and USB and coaxial cable connections. Supportive handrails provide a comfortable grip to keep you balanced. Get in shape with the Star Trac E-SM Stairmill!

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