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When it comes to back exercise, there are a few types of equipment you can use. You can do exercises with weight machines or weight sets, and you can use hyperextension benches. Specialized equipment for back exercise is less common than specialized core exercise, chest exercise, arm exercise, or leg exercise equipment. But with equipment such as the aforementioned types, you can get your back exercise either at a public gym, or if you buy the equipment, your own home gym. This article will discuss this equipment and how you use it, and talk about building your own home gym’s back exercise component.

Weight Machines

Weight machines are a very versatile type of exercise machine. By connecting various attachments (which can include handles, straps, bars, and others) to points on the machine, you can do a lot of different types of exercise on one machine. The hard points you connect the attachments to can generally be adjusted for height, and the amount of weight can usually be changed by adjusting how many weights are attached to the other end of the pulley system within the machine. The advantages presented by weight machines, therefore, are extreme versatility. With the right attachments (plus the use of a bench if you have one), you can replicate lifting normal weights and you can work on any area of your body with almost any type of exercise you want to do. These exercises include back exercises. Weight machines are good for back exercise, and if you also typically like to include other types of exercise in your workouts, may be a good machine to consider buying for your home gym. They can, however, take up quite a bit of space (they do not tend to take up a huge amount of floor space by themselves, but they are heavy, often tall, and require space to do the exercise). One advantage of using machines is that safety is built in by automatic “spotting” features.

Weight Sets

For back exercise, you should not discount simple weight sets. Dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, weighted balls, and other types of weights can be very good for back exercise. You can do quite a bit just with normal weights. This is especially true if you have a bench and can incorporate that into your workouts. Additionally, you can combine these with the next type of equipment we are going to talk about. For back exercise, look up different back exercises and simply use the right level of weight for your level of strength, fitness, and ability. YouTube is a good place to find exercises; for example, Mike Chang includes the use of dumbbells in his back workout shown here:

It is doubly important to use good form when working with free weights.

Hyperextension Benches

Hyperextension benches are a special type of bench for back exercise. These benches have specifically placed braces attached to them, which you place your ankles against. Then, you do back hyperextensions to work your back out. These are nice for back exercise, although they are much more limited than the previous two types of equipment (as they lack the versatility to do much more than back exercise). If you want to extend the usefulness of these, you can use weights or weighted belts to increase the difficulty of the workout.

Home or Public gyms?

The question of whether you want to use home or public gyms may be difficult for some. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Home gyms are more expensive, but are private and you do not have to worry about gas money, wait times, or germs. Public gyms are cheaper initially and have more equipment. This is important to consider when you are focusing on back exercise, because some of the best back exercise is hard to replicate in your own home (or, at least, to do so cheaply).

Home Gyms

Having a large home gym is a dream for a lot of people. Being able to go into a part of your home and do the type of exercise you might otherwise only be able to do at a public gym has quite a bit of attractiveness. Additionally, home gyms are private. You do not have to wait long times to use equipment, and you do not have to worry about germs. But they are quite expensive. To replicate the type of equipment you might use at a public gym, you would need to spend thousands of dollars. They also take up quite a bit of space, and sometimes the equipment is heavy and hard to move. This could be an issue if you are living in apartments, or if you move a lot. And if you want to do back exercise, you might not want to spend quite a bit of money on something like a hyperextension bench that you only really use for one or a few types of exercise.

Public Gyms

Public gyms, on the other hand, have all the equipment you could need. Especially if you have access to a large gym nearby, you will not have a shortage of types of exercise available to you. This is nice for back exercise, because instead of paying $100-150 for a hyperextension bench, you may be able to find one at your local gym that you can use. Public gyms are much cheaper, because instead of paying thousands of dollars for a few types of machines, you have access to any type of machine for a small monthly payment (depending on where you go). These places, additionally, might have things like climbing walls or swimming pools (which are both great for back exercise) that you may be unable to have at your home. Swimming pools, especially, are something you should not forget about. You can do a lot of different exercises in swimming pools that are extremely effective for your back. Even if you have a swimming pool in your home, neighborhood, apartment building, or anything like this, they are not generally lap pools like you can find in public gyms. However, popular public gyms sometimes require reserving equipment, which may mean you have to wait around to use it. Additionally, if you have reservations about germs, public gyms may not be the place for you.


If you are trying to focus on back exercise, there are a few types of equipment you can use. Weight machines, weight sets, and hyperextension benches all provide great back exercise. Weight machines are extremely versatile, and you can do a lot of different back exercises with a lot of potential weight levels. Weight sets are also very versatile, and especially if you combine them with a bench (or a hyperextension bench) you can do a lot for your back. Hyperextension benches are not versatile, but they are not extremely expensive either. But if you go to a public gym, you will have access to potentially any kind of back exercise you can think of. This is cheaper than building a home gym, which can also take up a lot of space and be difficult to move, but does not provide the privacy or cleanliness you can maintain with a home gym. Some equipment, however, such as swimming pools and climbing walls, may be hard to find outside of a public gym. All in all, there are a lot of things you can do for back exercise. Do the research into the right type of exercise for you, talk to your doctor about any risks, and figure out whether building up a home gym or going to a public gym is right for you. Good luck!

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