Audio Gear for Fitness

One of the biggest parts of working out, for a lot of people, is listening to music while you exercise. Whether it is in the interest of blocking out the rest of the world, keeping your focus, helping keep your motivation and energy, or just because you like to do things along with music, having music can greatly benefit your workouts. And, for some people, it is hard to work out without it.

What are some of the types of audio equipment that are available for working out? There are a variety of options. There are different types of accessories for phones and mp3 players, different types of headphones, earbuds, and portable speakers, and even apps that can be used for audio while working out.

Phone Armbands

Keeping your phone or mp3 player on you while you work out can be cumbersome, especially if you have tight pants and/or long earbud cords that can get in your way. Additionally, if your pockets are not deep enough, it can be easy for your phone to fall out and potentially be damaged. If you use an armband, that takes care of those issues. They are generally not too expensive either, and there are a lot of available ones on Amazon and in stores. Some of them even have pockets for money or cards, as well.

Headphones and Earbuds

Having the right equipment on or in your ears makes a big difference. You can use the standard earbuds or headphones that are common and may even come with your devices, and there is nothing wrong with it, but cords can be cumbersome and headphones can be uncomfortable (especially when you get sweaty). There are a variety of workout earbuds available, however. Many are designed to remain on and in your ears more securely, and the cords are generally shorter or designed to be worn in a way that will not get in your way. Some are even wireless, which may be especially useful. They are also generally designed to be a little bit more durable, including being water resistant.

Portable Speakers

If you work out in a home gym, your basement, or if you like to work out in green areas outside, something you may enjoy more is simply a portable speaker or a more permanent speaker system. There are a lot of portable bluetooth speakers on the market right now, with many being competitively priced and providing a good sound at a low price. You can get a more permanent speaker system if you do not plan on moving it very often.


Working out is more fun, easy, and generally enjoyable, for a lot of people, if there is music going on. Having the right fitness audio equipment will help. If you want to be comfortable, I would advise getting an arm strap for your phone and earbuds or headphones that will not get in your way, yet stay in your ears. Or if it suits you better, a portable speaker will do the job.

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